The future leaders in supply chain

ORMIT and ArcelorMittal teamed up to find future leaders in supply chain to help lead this multinational into Industry 4.0
ORMIT Belgium
19 August - 7 min

The Power of Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring, what’s in a name… Yes, reverse mentoring is kind of a buzz word. According to Techopedia, it’s an “initiative in which older...
Luc Vermeulen
26 July - 3 min

Why ORMIT is the best choice for hiring young professionals

We want to give organizations the best choice of young professionals available on the market. A good traineeship can be recognized by challenging...
ORMIT Belgium
8 July - 3 min

Always be a work in progress (The two mindsets theory)

Having a growth mindset
Bert Bleyen
8 July - 4 min

Steepen the curve: Jong talent draagt bij aan versnelling van het corona-vaccinatieproces

Op een vrijdagmiddag werd ik gebeld door mijn Talent Development Manager. Eén van haar contactpersonen bij ASML had samen met een hoogleraar van...
Lars Hoffman
13 April - 2 min

Is performance coaching your cup of tea?

Is performance coaching your cup of tea?
Luc Vermeulen
8 April - 2 min

Valoriser sa carrière par le développement personnel

A qui s'adressent les programmes de développement personnel ? Thomas De Wulf : "A l'origine, notre société est née de la collaboration de quatre...
Philippe Van Lil
29 March - 3 min

Ons doel is om de kloof tussen afstuderen en werken te dichten

Op welke manier helpen jullie pas afgestudeerden om hun maximale potentieel te bereiken? De Wulf: “Met ORMIT proberen we de kloof te dichten...
Joris Hendrickx
29 March - 3 min

Learning & Development in your organization: DIY or shopping around?

Shopping around ...  First of all, calling in an external organization and their experience/expertise might just be the thing for you. As an...
Luc Vermeulen
11 February - 2 min

How to manage your team remotely?

Stay involved, keep connection & maintain loyalty.
Luc Vermeulen
13 January - 3 min