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The secret ingredients of setting-up a successful soft-skill training

If you only have 1 minute: There’s only a limited amount of information people can process, so think about what you want people to remember There..
Jelke Ketele
22 September - 4 min

Why ORMIT is the best choice for hiring young professionals

We want to give organizations the best choice of young professionals available on the market. A good traineeship can be recognized by challenging...
ORMIT Belgium
8 July - 3 min

Press Release: ORMIT launches a new service: The ORMIT Greenhouse

Talent is a wonderful plant that needs to be nurtured. It needs feeding and you need to give it enough attention and space, to be able to grow....
ORMIT Belgium
12 November - 1 min

How Pogačar represents young talent at ORMIT

The combination of inexperience and motivation is often underestimated. It's a key success factor for bringing drive, a desire to win, and new...
ORMIT Belgium
22 September - 2 min

Les changements se poursuivent même au temps du Coronavirus

“Qui suis-je ? Qu'est-ce que je veux? Et que puis-je faire?” Ce sont trois questions que Mariëlle van Roosmalen a entendues « en boucle », au...
ORMIT Belgium
29 June - 4 min

Kim­ber­ly's on­board­ing at OR­MIT

How did your onboarding go? It went well! My team really prepared a full first week for me, so I always knew what to do.
ORMIT Belgium
12 June - 1 min

Press Release: ORMIT & DigitalScaler join forces

That’s why DigitalScaler and ORMIT now introduce the Digitizer Program, designed to help both companies and young talents move forward.  
ORMIT Belgium
10 June - 4 min

Coaching - what's in a name?

Do you know what the essence of a good sports coach is and what this tells us about coaching at ORMIT? Is it teaching athletes all the techniques...
ORMIT Belgium
4 June - 3 min

Leary's rose - say it with flowers

8 different behaviours In his model, there are two different axes: First you have the horizontal axis, which tells us something about the...
ORMIT Belgium
2 June - 3 min

Lau­ra's on­board­ing at Ardo

How did your onboarding go? My onboarding went very smoothly. As soon as Ardo knew I would start, they’ve set up everything with IT (such as...
ORMIT Belgium
29 May - 2 min