Coaching - what's in a name?

Coaching - what's in a name?

ORMIT Belgium

ORMIT Belgium


Awareness around "coaching" has grown a lot over the years! You may have heard of life coaching, health coaching, sports coaching, etc. ... but what is coaching at ORMIT all about? If we would compare an ORMIT coach with a sports coach, what do they have in common? Read more about ORMIT's approach regarding coaching and its impact on trainees' personal development in this article written by Joke Germeys and Ludmilla Petre, two of our Talent Development Managers.

Do you know what the essence of a good sports coach is and what this tells us about coaching at ORMIT?

1. Is it teaching athletes all the techniques they have to master to become N°1?

2. Is it continuously pointing out to them the things they still need to improve?

3. Is it pushing them to continue to play even far beyond their comfort zone?

4. Is it supporting them in finding out “their natural way” to excel?

Well, it’s indeed the last option!

And that’s also what coaching at ORMIT is all about.

Personalized guidance to go a step further and become the best version of yourself

Your coach will support you in learning how to develop yourself. Next to the soft skill training track at ORMIT, he or she will help you to apply what you’ve learned. Personal development is about getting to know yourself better and becoming more aware of yourself: your strengths, your development points and how you can tackle those. A coaching will always be made to measure because you are unique as a person as well.

That's also how Mattijs Van Miert, Trainee at BNP Paribas Fortis, experiences it:"During the training sessions, ORMIT will give you many useful insights and introduce you to a variety of effective behavioural styles. However, you will need more than only a one-day training to sharpen your soft skills in the long term. Thanks to the one-to-one coaching, you receive personalised guidance to enable you to continue working on your personal growth. For example, after discussing a specific situation at work with my coach, I managed to adapt my communication with a colleague and that way I achieved better cooperation."

You have a lot of potential inside - strengths you’re not aware of yet – and a big part is still to be discovered. You will, together with your coach, look for ways to disclose and develop those strengths and how to become a better version of yourself.

Or as Sigrid Pauwels, Multicompany Trainee at Dupont, would describe it: "Coaching not only helps finding out who I am but also what version of myself I would like to work on."

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