Kim­ber­ly's on­board­ing at OR­MIT

Kim­ber­ly's on­board­ing at OR­MIT

ORMIT Belgium

ORMIT Belgium


How to virtually onboard a new colleague? Read the testimonial of Kimberly, who onboarded ORMIT as a Recruitment & Selection Coordinator during the corona crisis.

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How did your onboarding go?

It went well! My team really prepared a full first week for me, so I always knew what to do.

What did you like?

On my first day, I received a breakfast basket and we started off with an informal breakfast meeting with my team. That was a nice way to get to know everyone a little bit better. When my car was delivered, I discovered it was filled with goodies from the company.

Colleagues outside of my team were informed of my start. On my first day I received welcome emails and text messages wishing me luck. This first informal contact made it easier for me to set up calls with them afterwards. Although it remains exciting to start a video-call with someone you’ve never met before.

Although my manager is busy, she often asks me how I’m doing and if she could help. She scheduled a weekly meeting where we discuss how things are going and if I need anything/if she can help me with things.

What was difficult?

I didn’t receive my computer immediately, meaning I didn’t have access to all files on day one. Luckily, my colleagues send me lot of documents and my laptop was delivered after a few days.

I also find it difficult to reach out to people I’ve never seen that I won’t be working with often or directly. I guess it’s easier to introduce yourself during lunch-break than it is in an email saying “hi, I’m the new one”.