Lau­ra's on­board­ing at Ardo

Lau­ra's on­board­ing at Ardo


How to virtually onboard a new colleague? Read the testimonial of Laura, who onboarded Ardo as a Group Supply Planner during the corona crisis.
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How did your onboarding go?

My onboarding went very smoothly. As soon as Ardo knew I would start, they’ve set up everything with IT (such as my laptop and access). I still had two days ‘in person’ with my manager, that made it easier: I could get to know her face to face, I had a quick view of the working environment, I could soak up the atmosphere a little bit, had time for an informal chat with some people. All those things helped to settle in more quickly and easy.

During my first days, I followed several formations. On my first day, I received an information bundle from HR with information about the company and contact persons (who to contact with questions etc). A few days later, I had a call to go through the bundle and to ask additional questions.


What did you like?

Firstly, a special team meeting was set-up without agenda. The aim of the meeting was to introduce me to the team and to create connection between team members during the quarantine. My manager made a presentation with spheres in all different colours. Every team member could pick a colour, and then he/she had to answer the question that was underneath it. The questions were a bit “silly” (for example: “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”), but that allowed me to get to know my team members in a more informal and relaxed way – creating a connection between all of us. During the meeting, everyone was obliged to put on his/her webcam, so it was nice to see everyone’s face as well.

Since the corona outbreak we receive informational mails on a regular basis – informing everyone about what the team is working on, how the company is doing, … Sometimes it’s just a mail, sometimes it's a message from the CEO, sometimes it’s a video from on a production site, … When everyone is working from home, you can quickly forget the bigger picture (there are no lunches together or chatting in the hallways) and these emails help reminding you of that. When you’re new, that definitely helps.

I also had (and still have) a fixed moment where I could call my manager for questions. It’s good to know that these moments are already put in the agenda – as a starter, it makes it easier to ask questions as well.


What did you miss?

When working in a production environment, I like to know how things look in the factory. Normally, a tour is part of your onboarding, but unfortunately this wasn’t possible because of the corona virus. I'm sure it will happen afterwards though.