Learning & Development in your organization: DIY or shopping around?

Shopping around ...  First of all, calling in an external organization and their experience/expertise might just be the thing for you. As an..
Luc Vermeulen
11 February - 2 min

What do Chinese doctors, Python and brain capacity have in common?

COVID-19. The term of the year 2020 of course, yet a close second might be innovation. At ORMIT this is a word that has really come to life in the...
Emma Claeys
5 August - 2 min

Les changements se poursuivent même au temps du Coronavirus

“Qui suis-je ? Qu'est-ce que je veux? Et que puis-je faire?” Ce sont trois questions que Mariëlle van Roosmalen a entendues « en boucle », au...
ORMIT Belgium
29 June - 4 min

Kim­ber­ly's on­board­ing at OR­MIT

How did your onboarding go? It went well! My team really prepared a full first week for me, so I always knew what to do.
ORMIT Belgium
12 June - 1 min

Press Release: ORMIT & DigitalScaler join forces

That’s why DigitalScaler and ORMIT now introduce the Digitizer Program, designed to help both companies and young talents move forward.  
ORMIT Belgium
10 June - 4 min

If you don't dare to challenge yourself, who will?

ORMIT is the kind of company that forces you to step out of your comfort zone. It confronts you with everything you already knew about yourself,...
Amélie Liégeois
4 June - 2 min

Why ORMIT is like a trip around the world

What about your dream? Maybe you want to start by heading to Nepal and climbing Mount Everest. Or visiting the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. Or...
Catherine Brems
4 June - 1 min

Coaching - what's in a name?

Do you know what the essence of a good sports coach is and what this tells us about coaching at ORMIT? Is it teaching athletes all the techniques...
ORMIT Belgium
4 June - 3 min

How I know I won’t be replaced by a robot

My road to a traineeship at ORMIT In 2015, after graduating from school, I decided to travel for half a year. I wanted to take my time to reflect...
Alexandre Tielemans
4 June - 1 min

Graduated? Get to know yourself first!

My road to a traineeship at ORMIT After college, I experienced your typical post-college “what now” moment. I studied economics, which is a very...
Jolien Van Campe
3 June - 2 min

Leary's rose - say it with flowers

8 different behaviours In his model, there are two different axes: First you have the horizontal axis, which tells us something about the...
ORMIT Belgium
2 June - 3 min