The secret ingredients of setting-up a successful soft-skill training

If you only have 1 minute: There’s only a limited amount of information people can process, so think about what you want people to remember There..
Jelke Ketele
22 September - 4 min

How to manage your team remotely?

Stay involved, keep connection & maintain loyalty.
Luc Vermeulen
13 January - 3 min

Did you know a traineeship is not only for graduates?

As a graduate in Human Resources Management, I didn’t really know which role in a company would fit me. I tried various positions but didn’t...
Elise Coulonvaux
24 November - 2 min

Press Release: ORMIT launches a new service: The ORMIT Greenhouse

Talent is a wonderful plant that needs to be nurtured. It needs feeding and you need to give it enough attention and space, to be able to grow....
ORMIT Belgium
12 November - 1 min

“Shit, I fired all my externals, what now?”

“Ok everyone, let’s put a short term focus on our core daily operations, secure business revenue, monitor our liquidity closely by decreasing...
Jannes Baert
4 November - 3 min

Never split the difference

To me, the title ‘never split the difference’ is kind of misleading. The book mostly talks about how to create an atmosphere of trust, how to have...
Bert Bleyen
14 October - 2 min

How Pogačar represents young talent at ORMIT

The combination of inexperience and motivation is often underestimated. It's a key success factor for bringing drive, a desire to win, and new...
ORMIT Belgium
22 September - 2 min

How to unlock young talent's potential in your organisation

Responsibility and ownership Without proper management and supervision, rookies can be dangerous to themselves and others. Properly guided,...
Ingrid van Tienen
2 September - 4 min

How to make your organisation future-proof?

The example above shows that experience isn’t always the best predictor for success experience isn’t always the best predictor for success....
Ingrid van Tienen
2 September - 3 min

Reinforce your team: eager rookies and striking routineers

Learning beats knowledge In relatively stable work environments, such as construction or healthcare, experience still matters quite a lot. Would...
Ingrid van Tienen
2 September - 3 min

What do Chinese doctors, Python and brain capacity have in common?

COVID-19. The term of the year 2020 of course, yet a close second might be innovation. At ORMIT this is a word that has really come to life in the...
Emma Claeys
5 August - 2 min