The Power of Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring, what’s in a name… Yes, reverse mentoring is kind of a buzz word. According to Techopedia, it’s an “initiative in which older..
Luc Vermeulen
26 July - 3 min

Did you know a traineeship is not only for graduates?

As a graduate in Human Resources Management, I didn’t really know which role in a company would fit me. I tried various positions but didn’t...
Elise Coulonvaux
24 November - 2 min

What do Chinese doctors, Python and brain capacity have in common?

COVID-19. The term of the year 2020 of course, yet a close second might be innovation. At ORMIT this is a word that has really come to life in the...
Emma Claeys
5 August - 2 min

Graduated? Get to know yourself first!

My road to a traineeship at ORMIT After college, I experienced your typical post-college “what now” moment. I studied economics, which is a very...
Jolien Van Campe
3 June - 2 min

Lau­ra's on­board­ing at Ardo

How did your onboarding go? My onboarding went very smoothly. As soon as Ardo knew I would start, they’ve set up everything with IT (such as...
ORMIT Belgium
29 May - 2 min

Le­an­der's on­board­ing at DuPont

How did your onboarding go? My manager at DuPont set up everything in advance: my laptop, accounts, an email address, … Everything was well...
ORMIT Belgium
29 May - 2 min

From try-out to homebase: the ORMIT traineeship as a gateway to the business world

“When I was about to graduate from university, I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do,” Martin starts. “As an economics student, my...
ORMIT Belgium
28 May - 4 min

How Camille brought a breath of fresh air to her assignment at Vinçotte

Camille has a soft spot for making things run like clockwork. So, when she heard about this project for the first time, it didn’t take long...
ORMIT Belgium
28 May - 3 min