The secret ingredients of setting-up a successful soft-skill training

If you only have 1 minute: There’s only a limited amount of information people can process, so think about what you want people to remember There..
Jelke Ketele
22 September - 4 min

The future leaders in supply chain

ORMIT and ArcelorMittal teamed up to find future leaders in supply chain to help lead this multinational into Industry 4.0
ORMIT Belgium
19 August - 7 min

Did you know a traineeship is not only for graduates?

As a graduate in Human Resources Management, I didn’t really know which role in a company would fit me. I tried various positions but didn’t...
Elise Coulonvaux
24 November - 2 min

What do Chinese doctors, Python and brain capacity have in common?

COVID-19. The term of the year 2020 of course, yet a close second might be innovation. At ORMIT this is a word that has really come to life in the...
Emma Claeys
5 August - 2 min

Graduated? Get to know yourself first!

My road to a traineeship at ORMIT After college, I experienced your typical post-college “what now” moment. I studied economics, which is a very...
Jolien Van Campe
3 June - 2 min

Lau­ra's on­board­ing at Ardo

How did your onboarding go? My onboarding went very smoothly. As soon as Ardo knew I would start, they’ve set up everything with IT (such as...
ORMIT Belgium
29 May - 2 min

Le­an­der's on­board­ing at DuPont

How did your onboarding go? My manager at DuPont set up everything in advance: my laptop, accounts, an email address, … Everything was well...
ORMIT Belgium
29 May - 2 min

From try-out to homebase: the ORMIT traineeship as a gateway to the business world

“When I was about to graduate from university, I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do,” Martin starts. “As an economics student, my...
ORMIT Belgium
28 May - 4 min

How Camille brought a breath of fresh air to her assignment at Vinçotte

Camille has a soft spot for making things run like clockwork. So, when she heard about this project for the first time, it didn’t take long...
ORMIT Belgium
28 May - 3 min