The future leaders in supply chain

The future leaders in supply chain


As the world changes, so does demand. Therefore, ORMIT and ArcelorMittal teamed up to find young talents to contribute to build and implement one supply chain across Europe. “For me, this collaboration was the perfect match because I got the chance to work in a company with a lot of knowhow while being coached by my Talent Development Manager to find my passions and strengths.” tells Vinni, supply changer at ArcelorMittal. In this blog, we list some benefits of the Supply Changers Traineeship according to Vinni and Isabel.

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One of the common drawbacks when joining a traineeship is to feel like ‘just a trainee’. This is not the case at ArcelorMittal, where both Vinni and Isabel really feel part of the team and get important responsibilities.  

Isabel: “It can be hard to believe, since your co-workers at ArcelorMittal know you are a trainee, but we get a lot of responsibility in this project. We are seen as full-fledged colleagues that are part of the team, rather than just a trainee that does the dirty work.” 

Vinni: “It makes me think of a moment, where one of my colleagues said “You are the intern” as a joke... It is weird to hear, since I am actually running a team in an agile environment.” 

Isabel: “Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to fix every problem by yourself. At your own request, managers make time to answer questions, discuss topics where you are blocked, and give advice in certain situations. During these conversations you are free to give your own opinions and thoughts. ”  

Vinni: “Definitely! There is no strict process to follow, so you really need to find your own ways of working. Responsibility also means ownership, which means you just need to take things in hand and you can’t always wait for others to tell you what to do. They just expect you to take action autonomously.” 

Does this mean that you are alone in this project? Of course not, the following two benefits show that teamwork is key in this traineeship.  

Open relationship with manager 

Our trainees are active in an agile project team at ArcelorMittal. One of the benefits of this team is the family-like environment where everything can be discussed by everyone. Both Isabel and Vinni were surprised about this part.  

Isabel: “During my application process, I was a bit afraid that ArcelorMittal would be a very hierarchical company, since it is a big company, active worldwide. I quickly learned that this isn’t the case in our project team. There is an open relationship with our manager and also a lot of casual contacts.” 

Vinni: “You can always plan something in your managers’ agenda. You get the space to explore things about yourself, but at the same time your manager is also there when you need advice. I am not afraid to discuss something in our team since everything is open for discussion.”


My fellow trainees 

Another benefit that makes you feel like you are not alone is ORMIT. The Arcelor trainees followed many trainings together, all of them with a focus on their personal development. This makes you really open up to each other.  

Vinni: “One of my greatest moments was the outdoor we do with ORMIT. This is so eye-opening and makes you bond with your fellow trainees. You really become more than colleagues, and all of this in a weekend.” 

Isabel: “Many of our colleagues at ArcelorMittal have a lot of experience, so as a starter it is difficult to approach some things from a difference stage in life. For me, it was nice to start with other ORMIT’ers and have even more ORMIT colleagues to receive support from.” 

Vinni: “ORMIT really focuses on connecting with others, and as a young person this is a big advantage.” 

Next to connecting with other ORMIT’ers Isabel also loves the fact that ORMIT inspires their ArcelorMittal team to think differently about feedback and personal development.  


The perfect collaboration 

ORMIT and ArcelorMittal teamed up for this traineeship to really give young potentials all the skills they need. Hard skills at ArcelorMittal and soft skills learned through ORMIT trainings. Isabel also believes this collaboration inspired ArcelorMittal colleagues to think more like ORMIT.  

Isabel: “What I really love about this collaboration, is the fact that ORMIT also inspires our assignment managers to step out of their way of thinking. Not only did they join our training Story Telling, but they also evaluate us through ORMIT’s valuable assignment meetings. You really learn how to take a look in the mirror to reflect on what was great and what can be done different.”  

Isabel already gave a sneak peek on a training they received, so Vinni will explain more about the rotation system to boost on-the-job learning.  

Vinni: “Through rotating roles within the company, the traineeship offered us the chance to experience different aspects of ArcerlorMittal in a short period of time. I really feel like I learned during each respective part. Moreover, I was able to use the knowledge acquired in one domain and use it in the next one. You definitely don’t start from zero at every change. 


What now? 

Vinni and Isabel, both will stay active at ArcelorMittal after their ORMIT traineeship. They both agree that there are always new milestones in the project, so they can’t really predict where they will be in a few months. Luckily, it is just the variation they love about their jobs. On top of that, they are both certain that there is still a lot to learn at ArcelorMittal. 

That’s why ArcelorMittal and ORMIT teamed up to create a second group of future leaders in supply chain. Let’s summarize why Vinni and Isabel believe you should join them: challenging environment, international contacts, a chance to learn a lot of short term and an open team! Vinni believes this traineeship is a real opportunity for people with a passion for supply chain that wish to develop their digital and technological skills. 


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