When times get busy, D’Ieteren calls for ORMIT

When times get busy, D’Ieteren calls for ORMIT


If you’ve got a Škoda waiting on your doorstep for you to drive to work in the morning, chances are Sébastien Biebuyck had something to do with it. At D’Ieteren, Sébastien and his team import the cars from the Czech Republic, where they’re manufactured. Whenever times get busy, Sébastien likes to move quickly by adding extra muscle to his team. “We could go for a regular temp, yes. But we just know we’ll get exactly the profile we need if we call ORMIT instead.”

“I met Niele Vereecken, an ORMITer, through my previous job here at D’Ieteren,” Sébastien recalls. “I didn’t know much about ORMIT at the time, tough. All I knew was things worked really well with Niele.” Even though the latter was ‘just a temp’, he was as engaged in the project as any other colleague, which made a lasting impression on Sébastien, who’d just joined the team as Sales Planning and Price Manager.

“A few months later, one of my team members was pregnant. Knowing how well things had gone with Niele, I immediately thought of ORMIT to provide us with a replacement.” Things kept on growing from there. Another couple of months later, Sébastien was swamped with product launches and again in need of some outside assistance. “By then, calling ORMIT to help us out had become second nature.”


Fast return on investment

Today, Sébastien has had four ORMIT'ers on his team, which he says has “always been a great experience, for me as well as for the rest of the team.” To him, the power of ORMIT lies in the meticulous selection of profiles. Sébastien: “I feel like ORMIT are quite rigorous, cherry-picking candidates that are more than just interesting CVs. They really know how to gauge people’s personality and mindset, and it shows.”

“Every ORMIT'er I’ve had the pleasure of working with were team players. People who want to learn and grow, who are open to new experiences and eager to better themselves. That makes my job as a manager a lot easier, too, knowing that we can trust ORMIT'ers to help us reach our goals.”


“Knowing that we can trust ORMITers to help us reach our goals, makes my job as a manager a lot easier.”


This commitment translates into results, too. Sébastien: “Time and again, it is clear trainees make a big leap between their first day and their last. By the second half of their mission, they’re as good as autonomous, meaning we’re getting a return on our investment.”


The secret? Following up real close

Whenever Sébastien is in a pinch, he picks up the phone and calls Sofie Van Waeyenberge, D’Ieteren Business Relationship Manager at ORMIT. “Sofie knows me quite well by now. I call her and talk her through the case at hand: we need one or two people, maybe one analytical profile and the other more commercial. She then selects the right matches and sends me their CV. If one feels like the right fit, we’ll have a meeting set up with the candidate and Sofie to see if things could work out.”

Sounds like standard practice? Not to Sébastien, who feels it’s ORMIT’s close follow-up that really sets them apart. Each ORMIT'er is assigned a coach who will follow their trainee throughout their journey, regularly touching base. “They call every week”, Sébastien says. “Coaches really are the first point of contact for trainees, someone they can trust and will give them tips and advice. The coaches are there to listen, to help.”

In addition, there are in-between evaluations where the company, the trainee and the coach are invited to share their observations, paving the way to progress through analysis.


Proof by the name of Martin

Of course, the best proof of the fact that ORMIT’s ways really work, would be for a trainee to stay on at the end of his tenure. Like Martin. “Martin started in 2018 as an ORMITer. He had a knack for the automobile industry and got along great with his colleagues. Plus, this had been his last mission, meaning he was available. We hired him right after his mission ended. In fact, he’s still here.”