Why ORMIT is the best choice for hiring young professionals

Why ORMIT is the best choice for hiring young professionals

ORMIT Belgium

ORMIT Belgium


Are you looking for a comparison of traineeship providers? We can imagine so. There is a lot of competition and you are looking for the best starters or young professionals with a few years of work experience. Traineeships seem to be interchangeable, but it's quite the opposite. Here are some of the reasons why ORMIT is the best choice to hire trainees.

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We want to give organizations the best choice of young professionals available on the market. A good traineeship can be recognized by challenging assignments, learning from and with other talents and a state-of-the-art, intensive training program. But the real difference is made by the talent managers who personally support and challenge the young professionals for two years. How do they work?

Close to the skin

Our Talent & Leadership Developers personally connect with the young professionals they work with. They get under their skin and challenge them. Sometimes confrontational, but always with the intention of helping the other person further and with appreciation for everything that is already there. From genuine interest, without judgment. The goal is always twofold: the business result to be achieved and a steep learning curve for the trainee. Development must lead to personal and business success for the trainee and for the organization.

"The trainee was well equipped for his task and clearly had the right capabilities. The robust and personal guidance provided by ORMIT's coach, combined with the projects that we were able to offer, enabled this trainee to grow enormously. It was great and inspiring to be a part of it."

Learning by doing

Naturally, talents learn mainly by doing. They take on challenging assignments and experience the effect of their own behavior. This is reinforced by learning together with others (coaching, mentoring, intervision) and by being presented with new concepts through training. In short: the well-known 70-20-10 rule. Our experience is that the impact of a traineeship is mainly determined by how and by whom the learning activities are carried out.

"We've been doing business with ORMIT for a number of years to our complete satisfaction. They really put the trainee first and do everything to achieve that. There are no fixed roles and everyone does their best to get the most out of the trainees. In addition, they always have a listening ear for the internal supervisors, which makes the cooperation as a whole even more pleasant."

Three elements

You can recognize a good traineeship by the combination of three important elements: new experiences, different perspectives and reflection & giving meaning. In this hotspot, the well-known steep learning curve emerges. This goes beyond developing skills, because trainees learn to learn and develop their growth mindset. So that they are not only ready for the challenges of today, but also for those of tomorrow. Does this take place in a context where it is appreciated that people step out of their comfort zone, making mistakes is not punished and there is a safety net if necessary? That's when talents really take flight. We won't do it for less.

3 elements (1)-1

These are some of the roles we can fill for your organization:

Project manager

Our young professionals work as project managers for clients such as BNP Paribas, ArcelorMittal or GSK. They bring processes and teams to the next level. You can deploy them as project managers, IT professionals, project leads, PMOs, process managers or operations.

Change manager

You can rely on us when it comes to change management. ORMIT'ers have the right set of skills to work as change managers. As a business change leader, game changer, change manager, transformation leader or business development partner, they prove themselves in implementing renewal and innovation.

Product owner / Scrum master

The latest and most complex technologies or tangible products? That's what energizes ORMIT employees. Our scrum masters, product owners and agile coaches easily make the connection between strategy, tactics and operations. They take initiative, are positively critical and achieve results with an agile way of working.

Business consultant

Our ORMIT'ers work as business consultants for clients including bluecrux. They look at your business issues from a fresh perspective.

Data specialist

Data is here to stay in this powerful digital world. We're partnering up with ORTEC to provide you with young Data Chiefs to cash in on your data capital.

I need a Data Chief

Curious what we can do for you? Talk to our specialists. We will gladly give you some tips to spot, find and keep the best talent for your organization!

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